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The Hotel Dieu

The Hotel Dieu

85 minutes min - Drama -
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17-year-­old LUKE and his older brother TRAVIS are involved in a serious car accident. They are rushed to The Hotel Dieu hospital’s emergency ward, where Luke is told his vision may be permanently impaired. Following the accident, the film moves in and out of Luke’s present and past while he copes with his new circumstances. Forced to adapt and contemplate, his confidence and character are challenged. As trauma swirls around him, Luke dwells in vivid memories of his past and hopes for his future. The hospital medical staff are optimistic, but as Luke reluctantly begins therapy sessions, his family braces him for the worst. Although Luke’s time at the Hotel Dieu is riddled with medical appointments and tests he eventually meets JADE, a fellow patient who takes an interest. Travis, Jade and his therapist DR. LAWRENCE all attempt to help Luke persevere.

Director:  Adrian Thiessen
Writers:  Michael Krasnay, Adrian Thiessen, Vanessa Thibeault

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Genres: Drama


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Language:  English

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Production Companies:  Fourgrounds Media

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Runtime:  1 h 25 min
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