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The Adventure Club

The Adventure Club

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The Adventure Club has precisely three members: ten year-old RICKY, the club’s founder, and his two best friends, SANDY and BILL. The Club’s mandate is pretty simple: to embark on great adventures. The only problem is, they haven’t been able to do much of that in their small town. One day Ricky discovers something in his late grandfather’s dusty study in the attic of their house – an old MAP accompanied by a SKELETON KEY. Ricky’s grandfather was an archaeologist who donated many artifacts to the local SCIENCE CENTER. Convinced this map and key could lead to a hidden treasure, Ricky galvanizes his two pals to find it. After all, this could be their very first adventure! However, when they discover what is hidden at the end of the map’s coordinates, they are disappointed. All the “treasure” appears to be is an old – and very odd-looking – BOX. Only when the three take it back to their hideout, do they discover what the strange contraption really is: It is a WISHBOX. An ancient artifact with the power to grant wishes that… ACTUALLY COME TRUE! After having some great fun with their newfound toy, the three learn the age-old lesson: with great power comes great responsibility. The kids agree they should put this magical WISHBOX box back where they found it. But, beforehand, maybe they’ll use it to make one last wish: to save their local science center that is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Adding a huge complication to their situation is the fact that they discover there are some shady characters who are also after the Wishbox, and who will stop at nothing to acquire it. Now the three kids must try to make their last wish come true while doing everything they can to prevent the box from falling into the wrong hands…

Director:  Geoff Anderson
Writers:  Frede Wanuick, Robin Dunne

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Tagline: Three ten-year-old friends discover a WISHBOX - an ancient artifact with the ability to grant wishes. The three decide to use the box to save their local SCIENCE CENTER from bankruptcy, but in doing so they discover that there are some shady characters also after the box and who will stop at nothing to get it…



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Language:  English

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Production Companies:  Adventure, Creation Ink

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Runtime:  1 h 28 min
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