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About Indiecan Entertainment


Stories are central to our lives. A passion for them compelled 27-year-veteran film producer Avi Federgreen to start Indiecan Entertainment in 2011 and since then, it has successfully released over 175 films in Canada/North America and almost 80 in the United States. With a focus on high-quality independent projects, Indiecan has the advantage of knowing what it takes to make a film, and the ability to not only identify a film’s audiences, but to successfully reach them. It’s a hands-on company that cherishes its relationship with filmmakers, empowering them, and building long term collaborations that span several projects.

Federgreen brings to Indiecan Entertainment his vast experience in producing content, knowing the challenges filmmakers face in sharing their films while they navigate the often murky, opaque waters of worldwide distribution. With a focus on collaboration and transparency that starts from the early days of development, Federgreen knows exactly what filmmakers need to feel confident in their distribution strategy …because he is one.

In the digital age, films have new opportunities to find audiences through digital streaming platforms and social media. While tapping the potential of new media for film releases, Federgreen continues to incorporate a taste of “the good old days,” promoting targeted theatrical releases, film-focused events, and audience incentives for experiencing film in the intimate company of strangers.

The Indiecan library includes A Queer Country, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, Clapboard Jungle, Contracts, The Ghosts In Our Machine, Grave Encounters 2, Hail to the Deadites, Ice Blue, Kiss & Cry, Man Running, #NoJoke, Relative Happiness, Roobha, Still the Water, To The Mountain, Tru Love, Werewolf.


What I like about Indiecan is that it provided me cost-efficient access to the full North American market. It can be really hard to find partners for features in Alberta and Indiecan provided that for us and got us the same opportunities as other films from the larger centres without us having to break the bank. Whenever I call, it is answered. I feel like Indiecan is a partner that cares about monetizing films and isn’t afraid of partnering with the little guys.

-Scott Lepp, Ice Blue

Avi Federgreen is one of the hardest working, and most supportive producers out there. As a distributor, he is no different. With The Ghosts In Our Machine Indiecan was a true partner; on the ground, at the cinemas, part of the team, believing in the film and helping to make it the success it was.

-Liz Marshall, The Ghosts In Our Machine

When it came time to release my debut film To the Mountain, Indiecan acted as more than just a distributor. They became mentors as they guided my team on what is often an uncertain journey for independent filmmakers. They have continued to push my film into new markets and revenue streams. I am thankful to have such a great company delivering my film to a larger audience than I ever could have imagined.

-Eric Pauls, To The Mountain

One of the few trustable Distributors still in business.

-Steve Villeneuve, Hail to the Deadites
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INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT is a Canadian distribution company that services not just up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers, but also those indies making films in a lower budget bracket who have otherwise virtually no chance to shine in a market of big studios, distributors and exhibitors.

“Seeing Canadian films should become a regular occurrence and not a one-time event. We need to not only support Canadian production but also encourage the viewing of Canadian films by Canadian audiences. We owe it to our industry, our culture and our country.” — Avi Federgreen