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Dan and Margot

Dan and Margot

75 minutes min - Documentary -
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For years, Margot was stalked and harassed by a man she could only call "Dan" and her friends began to notice the joyful Margot grow dark and less coherent. Only with hospitalization did the real damage of her undiagnosed schizophrenia suddenly come into sharp focus. Now Margot is rebuilding her life, reaching out to others, and trying to regain her sense of self. Our understanding of schizophrenia may have come a long way but Dan and Margot skillfully presents how much more we need to understand what it means to be inside it, to live around it and to come back from it.

Director:  Chloe Sosa-Sims, Jake Chirico
Stars:  Margot


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Production Companies:  Silence and Space Productions

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Runtime:  1 h 15 min
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