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The Sheepdogs Have At It

Poster for the movie "The Sheepdogs Have at It"
Poster for the movie "The Sheepdogs Have at It"

The Sheepdogs Have At It (2013)

86 minutes min - Documentary - 21 June 2013
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In January of 2011, The Sheepdogs were an unknown rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. They were touring in a broken van, playing a brand of vintage rock music that everyone told them would never get radio play. But after winning a place on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, everything changed. After such a meteoric rise to fame, what happens next? How do The Sheepdogs prove they’re more than a band who won a contest? The Sheepdogs Have At It follows the guys into a Nashville recording studio as they make their new album with producer Patrick Carney from The Black Keys. The band’s fate rests upon the success of this new record, and all eyes are upon them. All the while, we follow The Sheepdogs to live performances all over North America, as they win over fans, one audience at a time, with their unique brand of vintage rock and roll, which, it turns out, radio audiences are responding to. This is the story of four young men standing on the brink of superstardom, who now, more than ever, must prove themselves to the world. It’s also a look inside a changing music industry and the art of tactical manipulation by the band’s support network of management, marketing and agents who must work miracles with limited resources. But most of all, The Sheepdogs Have At It is about doing what you love and staying true to what you believe in, no matter what the cost.

Director:  John Barnard

Tagline: A feature documentary about the rise of Canadian rock band The Sheepdogs from obscurity to the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, and through the recording of their next - and most important - album.

Genres: Documentary


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Country:   Canada
Language:  English
Release Date:  21 June 2013

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Fairpoint Films

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 26 min
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