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Owl River Runners

Owl River Runners

76 minutes min - Comedy -
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Jaime joyrides on the back-roads of Owl River, population: sinking. She's going nowhere fast, and it's the same in life. BFF Paula pressures her to apply to colleges, papa Hal just wants to keep her out of jive. But Jaime can't know where she's going until she knows where she comes from. When ex-con Ray shakes her down for the whereabouts of a stash, Jaime learns her departed grandpa Graham's family secret: he ran the largest pot-ring in all of the region. Now Jaime must recruit Paula and hapless admirer Ricky if she's going to outmanoeuvre tough-guy Ray, the corrupt police chief Hines, and a straight-laced deputy and lay claim to her birthright.

Director:  Danny Thebeau


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Language:  English

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Owl River Productions

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 16 min
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