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85 minutes min - psychological thriller -
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Mathieu is a brilliant neurosurgeon whose perfect life is spiralling out of control. Upon hearing of the sudden passing of his father, he’s forced to return home to Anishinaabe territory. The break away from the city promises to provide a bit of respite until Mathieu realizes that he is now the prey of an evil creature known as the Wendigo. His pilgrimage quickly becomes an unimaginable nightmare that will change him forever.

Director:  Jason Brennan
Writers:  Jason Brennan
Stars:  Samian, Jeanne Roux-Côté, Véronique Beaudet, Sonia Vigneault, Andrew Dewache, Louis Gallant, Odeshkun Thusky, Angela McIlroy-Wagar, Pierre-Michel Le Breton, Chloé Germentier, Caroline Gelinas, Phil Macho Commando, Karl Farah, Brittany LeBorgne, Richard Jutras, Neil Kroetsch, Julie Barbeau, Victor Morneau, Bryan Morneau, Lili Gagnon, Fabrice Yvanoff Sénat, Creed Commando


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Country:   Canada

Company Credits

Production Companies:  10614726 Canada Inc

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 25 min
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INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT is a Canadian distribution company that services not just up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers, but also those indies making films in a lower budget bracket who have otherwise virtually no chance to shine in a market of big studios, distributors and exhibitors.

“Seeing Canadian films should become a regular occurrence and not a one-time event. We need to not only support Canadian production but also encourage the viewing of Canadian films by Canadian audiences. We owe it to our industry, our culture and our country.” — Avi Federgreen