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End Of Days, Inc.

End Of Days, Inc.

83 minutes min - Comedy/Sci-fi -
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It’s the last day of business before Godfrey Global Inventory shuts down for good. The beleaguered employees at GGI – Janet, Jason, Misty, and Mort – have laboured for years without really understanding their mind-numbing work routine. The enigmatic Mr. Godfrey and his officious sister Esther promise the staff $1 million each if they stay and work through the night to complete the company’s remaining “unfinished business”. As the night wears on, the workers are forced to face the truth: processing the last of their inventory may lead to cataclysmic consequences.

Director:  Jennifer Liao
Writers:  Christina Ray

Collections: Now Showing, On DVD/VOD, VOD

Tagline: A dark comedy with a supernatural spin about a group of laid-off workers at a mysterious company who are bribed into working one last night, only to discover that processing the last of their inventory may lead to cataclysmic consequences.

Genres: Comedy/Sci-fi


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Language:  English

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Believerville Productions

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 23 min
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