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Patterson’s Wager

Patterson's Wager

85 minutes min - Drama -
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One moment Charles (Fred Ewanuick) is alone in his living room, the next moment there’s rain and thunder and lightning, then a branch suddenly materializes out of nowhere and crashes to the floor in front of him. Then it all just disappears, just like that, leaving no trace behind. Before he’s able to process the bizarre event, it starts raining outside, only this time for real. Then there’s a huge crack of thunder, and a bolt of lightning suddenly shoots down and hits a tree across the street and a branch breaks off and falls to the ground. Is Charles losing his mind? Was it all just a really strong case of déjà vu, as Audrey (Chelah Horsdal), his girlfriend, later suggests? Or could it be that maybe, just maybe, he’s developed the unpredictable ability to see two minutes into the future?

Director:  O. Corbin Saleken
Stars:  Fred Ewanuick Chelah Horsdal Alex Zahara Michelle Creber Anne Openshaw Garry Chalk Gillian Barber Daniel Jeffery Andrew Gillingham Tom McBeath

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Genres: Drama


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Production Companies:  Silent Ibis Entertainment

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Runtime:  1 h 25 min
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