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To The Mountain

To The Mountain

75 minutes min - Drama -
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To the Mountain is an ensemble piece about three sets of hikers: a father and son as they mourn the one-year anniversary of their mother/wife’s tragic passing, a retired professor in search of a new meaning to her life, and a pair of young women on their year abroad. All of these stories collide and when the Rocky Mountains finally reveal their darker side these individuals are forced to consider what is truly important to them. Featuring a truly independent approach to filmmaking, beautiful cinematography, and an original score by Canadian artist Young Neighbours, To the Mountain is an emotional exploration of the journey of longing.

Director:  Eric Pauls
Writers:  Eric Pauls

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Tagline: It's about the journey.

Genres: Drama


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Country:   Canada
Language:  English

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Eric Pauls Productions

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 15 min
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