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The Redeemers

The Redeemers (2022)

92 minutes min - Black-Comedy, Horror, entertaining, bloody, twists - 9 December 2022
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When two doomsday cult missionaries knock on the wrong door, their simple door-to-door mission takes a deadly turn. Forced to cover up the accidental murder, they find themselves trapped in the middle of a wild live-action role-playing game, where they must navigate an unpredictable world of eccentric characters and dangerous scenarios in order to survive the night and escape undetected.

Stars:  Roope Salminen, Eino Heiskanen, Mikko Nousiainen, Ilona Chevakova, Joel Hirvonen, Johanna Kuuva, Anne-Mari Alaspää, Aleksander Rucidlo


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Country:   Finland
Release Date:  9 December 2022

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Time Films Oy

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 32 min
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