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The Accident

The Accident

95 minutes min - Drama, lgbt -
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The cyclist Joana is involved in an odd accident, where she is carried on the hood of a car for a block. Joana leaves unharmed and decides to hide this incident from her partner Cecilia . When a strange video of the accident emerges, Joana's omission is exposed. She starts little by little to get involved in the life of the family who run over her.

Director:  Bruno Carboni
Writers:  Marcela Ilha Bordin, Bruno Carboni
Stars:  Carol Martin, Gabriela Greco, Luis Felipe Xavier, Carina Sehn, Marcello Crawshaw


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Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Vulcana Cinema, Tokyo Filmes

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 35 min
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