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Monkey Warfare

Monkey Warfare

75 minutes min - comedy/drama -
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Dan and Linda are two ex-revolutionaries from Vancouver, now living underground and off the grid in Toronto. To survive they scavenge through garbage and cruise garage sales for buried treasures they can sell “cash-only” on the internet. Bound together by misdeeds of the past, the once passionate pair have become ambivalent about their political beliefs and feelings for each other. To numb the pain of past mistakes and hide from the sad reality of their current circumstances, Dan and Linda smoke weed – a lot of it – all day. Dan and Linda’s lives are turned upside down when an enigmatic, young radical named Susan, who trades in ‘green beans’ enters the scene just as their dope dealer is busted. As Dan and Linda grow closer to Susan, they come to learn about revolutionary activities she is involved with that could threaten them. As it turns out, Susan’s guerilla antics are nothing compared to what she eventually learns about the past Dan and Linda have been hiding from.

Director:  Reginald Harkema

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Tagline: The lives of two ex-revolutionaries living underground and off the grid in Toronto are shaken up when an enigmatic, young woman enters their lives with her own urban-guerilla aspirations.

Genres: comedy/drama


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Country:   Canada
Language:  English

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Production Companies:  New Real Films

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Runtime:  1 h 15 min
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