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Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Lovers in a Dangerous Time (2009)

96 minutes min - Drama, Romance - 23 October 2009
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"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" is about the solace found in childhood love. Todd Timmins (the boy that stayed) and Allison Adamson (the girl that left) are two former childhood friends that are reunited at their high school reunion. Being around each other again triggers all the regrets of growing older, all the fears and pain they’ve held since youth and the longing to just escape from all of it. To further complicate matters they have feelings for each other that are lost somewhere between sharing a bathtub at three, teenage angst and their adult fear of commitment. Their only refuge is to hang on to their youth for as long as they can. Two former childhood friends, Todd and Allison, embark on a romantic yet dangerous journey from being reunited at their ten year high school reunion, to sorting out what it means to have shared a bathtub at three, where raging brotherly feuds, teenage bush parties and childhood memories only delay their impending return to adulthood. (But don’t think they'll go without a fight!)

Director:  May Charters, Mark Hug
Writers:  May Charters, Mark Hug


Official Website:
Country:   Canada
Language:  English
Release Date:  23 October 2009

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Fruitstand Loft Films

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 36 min
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