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Kill Me Now

Kill Me Now (2012)

84 min - Comedy, Horror - 5 December 2012
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When nerds Dennis and Noah crash a party thrown by the local jocks and hot girls in a remote cabin, they must combat a brainy serial murderer known as the Driller Killer, who uses power tools to rid the world of idiots, one clueless teen at a time.

Director:  Travis Long
Writers:  Michael Swaim
Stars:  Michael Swaim, Jacob Reed, Beck Bennett, Brett Fancy, Kaitlin Large, Kyle Mooney, Nick Mundy, Daniel Rubiano, Lisa Marie King, Nick Rutherford, Noah Byrne, Brentan Schellenbach, Katy Stoll, Andy Trask

Genres: Comedy, Horror

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Runtime:  1 h 24 min
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