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Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale

Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale

26 minutes min - Short/Family -
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Struggling to cope with the recent death of his mother, young Jake Tyler retreats from his family and the world at large. After being involved in a violent fight with some older boys at school, he winds up in the principal's office with his father who is told that Jake might benefit from professional help. Unfortunately, Jake's father has been unable to help himself through the loss of his wife. When not neglecting his son and daughter as a result, he's furious with them. Jesse (Jake's sister) is so fed up with her selfish father that she moves out of the house but not without leaving her pet ferret, Jasper, to keep her brother company. Jake & Jasper become fast friends as the two develop a strong bond. Yet just as this companionship seems on the verge of prying Jake from his shell, his father threatens to take Jasper away. With the thought of losing his best pal, Jake decides to run away from home and the two get lost in a nearby forest. Then when darkness falls Jake & Jasper not only lose each other in the woods, they nearly lose their lives.

Director:  Alison Parker
Writers:  David B. Beleznay

Tagline: A young boy struggling with the death of his mother finds solace with a ferret named Jasper.

Genres: Short/Family


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Language:  English

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Jake and Jasper Films

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Runtime:  0 h 26 min
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