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Girl With No Mouth

Girl With No Mouth

97 minutes min - Adventure, Kids-on-a mission, Post-Apocalyptic -
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The coming of age story of Perihan: a girl born without a mouth, on a quest to escape the wasteland. Following a nuclear disaster, the military – led by her uncle – are hunting down those children exposed to radiation and born with missing body parts. To protect his daughter, Perihan’s father raised her in a shelter hidden in the middle of the forest. Her journey begins when they are finally discovered, and her father is killed by his own brother. As she escapes into the forest, she comes across a gang of three boys, also born with parts of their faces missing. On the run from Perihan’s evil ruthless and murderous uncle, they embark together on a journey that will change their lives, to The Lost City and beyond...

Director:  Can Evrenol

Tagline: A girl born without a mouth, on a quest to escape the wasteland…


Official Website: 
Country:   Turkey
Language:  Turkish

Company Credits

Production Companies:  MO Film, AC Film, TME, Asteros

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 37 min
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