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American Badger

American Badger (2021)

81 minutes min - Action - 9 November 2021
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He goes by the name BADGER because his real name is Dean, and that's the lamest name ever for a hitman. But really, it was his wife that gave him that nickname. Since his wife’s death 4451 days ago, he has been living the life of a recluse — operating in the shadows — he has hardly spoken a word to anyone in years. But all that is about to change with his latest assignment. His job is to make friends with a call girl and extract information from her about the inner workings of an Albanian gang she works for. Her name is VELVET and she is the closest thing the Albanian mob boss VASILY has to family; she is like a daughter to him -- an abused, terrified, sex-trafficked daughter. The Badger isn't good at making friends, but he's excellent at following orders; so despite his initial objections, he finds Velvet and makes an awkward, yet heroic introduction. He soon realizes he is much more emotionally vulnerable than he thinks he is, as his short relationship with Velvet takes a sharp turn into an unlikely romance. Suddenly his Handler tells him that it is time to take down Vasily’s syndicate — and the first person he must kill is Velvet. What does a badger do when it is cornered on all sides? Badgers will fight to the death to protect their territory. The ensuing carnage was to be expected, but the freedom and confidence he gives Velvet was something that nobody would have seen coming.

Director:  Kirk Caouette
Writers:  Kirk Caouette

Genres: Action


Official Website: 
Country:   Canada
Language:  English
Release Date:  9 November 2021

Company Credits

Production Companies:  On Snow Productions

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 21 min
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