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30 Ghosts

30 Ghosts (2013)

80 min - Documentary - 26 October 2013
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30 GHOSTS is a documentary that chronicles struggling paranormal investigator Kim Hadfield, as she pursues her dream of capturing proof of the paranormal. _____ "Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living". - ARTHUR C. CLARKE 30 GHOSTS chronicles eccentric horse farmer and struggling paranormal investigator Kim Hadfield as she assembles a team of like-minded counterparts in her quest for recognition, respect and to prove to mankind that ghosts exist. Our crew follows Hadfield and her troupe - the Halton Paranormal Group - as they "get their ghost on". These phantasm-hunting females spend their time investigating local eccentrics' homes, as well as boarded-up abandoned houses, often encountering the local police department while doing so. We follow the group as their profile grows, gaining widespread media coverage. But as Hadfield gains experience, her personal and financial life suffer, and we witness the mental strain that this ghostly obsession puts on her. The results are at times tragic, comic, heartwarming and genuinely spooky.

Director:  Sean Cisterna

Collections: Now Showing, Sean Cisterna

Genres: Documentary


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Release Date:  26 October 2013

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Runtime:  1 h 20 min
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