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The Uwe Boll Story

F**K YOU ALL: The Uwe Boll Story (2023)

96 minutes | Documentary 27 January 2023

The question at the center of Uwe Boll’s story has existed since early on in his career: Is Uwe the worst filmmaker of all time? FUCK YOU ALL: The Uwe Boll Story is a documentary that explores the unique life and career of the notorious renegade filmmaker.Honing his craft as an indie filmmaker in Germany in the early 90s, Boll never could have imagined the life that would lay itself out in front of him.Already a cult legend, Uwe Boll will be remembered forever in the film world. Some will remember him as a modern-day Ed Wood, who made films so bad, they’re good. Others will remember him as the prolific filmmaker who never compromised his integrity while he created his own path in Hollywood.

Director:  Sean Patrick Shaul
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Tagline: Behind the lens with the most hated man in Hollywood

Genres: Documentary


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Country:   Canada
Language:  English
Release Date:  27 January 2023

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Prairie Coast Films Inc.

Technical Specs

Runtime:  1 h 36 min
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