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99 minutes min - Drama -
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A young artist with telepathic abilities searches for connection and meaning in a world of her own eccentric design.

Director:  Dylan Rhys Howard
Writers:  Dylan Rhys Howard
Stars:  Alexandra Dawkins, Georgia Irwin, Kristine Nutting, Elena Porter


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Country:   Canada
Language:  English

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Runtime:  1 h 39 min
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INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT is a Canadian distribution company that services not just up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers, but also those indies making films in a lower budget bracket who have otherwise virtually no chance to shine in a market of big studios, distributors and exhibitors.

“Seeing Canadian films should become a regular occurrence and not a one-time event. We need to not only support Canadian production but also encourage the viewing of Canadian films by Canadian audiences. We owe it to our industry, our culture and our country.” — Avi Federgreen