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Avi Federgreen and Indiecan Entertainment proudly present the launch of INDIECAN10K, an inaugural initiative aimed at first time feature filmmakers (narrative or documentary). Together with local Producer mentors, Federgreen will be mentoring a first time feature in Yukon, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Federgreen and the provincial mentors will work closely with selected teams in the development, financing, pre-production, production and post production of each feature, which must be produced for a maximum of $10,000.00, and which must be fully completed by December 31, 2014.

WHO CAN APPLY: Any Canadian-based Filmmaker(s).

THE APPLICATION: Applications must contain an outline, treatment, or script, Team Bios (Producer(s) and Director) and a cover letter detailing why you want this to be your first feature, what it would mean to be a part of this initiative and why your team and film should be selected from within your province or territory.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 16th 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Please submit all the above listed materials to [email protected]. Incomplete applications will not be accepted

FINAL DECISIONS: One project will be selected by the local producing mentors and Avi on Monday, March 3, 2014. Filmmakers must then sign Executive Producer Agreements with the local mentors and Avi Federgreen as well as signing a first right of refusal agreement for their second feature with the post production facilities and the other industry services providers that help in the making of their film.

Development and Financing: (March-End of May) – The local mentors and Avi Federgreen will work closely with the filmmakers to help get their script ready to shoot and to help filmmakers find a way to raise the $10,000 to make their first feature.

Pre-Production, Production and Editing: (June –October) – Local mentors and Avi Federgreen will work closely with the filmmakers through all aspects of pre-production, production and editing to get to a locked picture. The film must be picture locked by mid October.

Post Production (October- December 31st) – Teams will work hand in hand with the local post-production facilities with the continued mentorship of the local mentors and Avi Federgreen to complete the film by December 31, 2014.

Distribution: Indiecan will have first right of refusal to distribute the films in Canada. The local mentors and Avi Federgreen will consult on a proper festival strategy, if warranted and also work closely with Agency 71 Inc. on the marketing materials for the film.

Yukon – Christine Haebler – Screen Siren Pictures Inc., BC BC – Trish Dolman – Screen Siren Pictures Inc., BC
Alberta – Dylan Pearce – 12Pt. Media – AB
Saskatchewan – Mark Montague – SK
Manitoba – Kyle Bornais, John Barnard – Farpoint Films Inc, MB Ontario – Sean Cisterna – Mythic Productions, ON
New Brunswick – Gia Milani, Tony Whalen – Shoreroad Pictures Inc. Nova Scotia – Michael Melski – Cineast Screen Development Limited

Post-Production Facilities Sponsors:
Yukon – Finalé Editworks, The Mix Room – BC
BC – Finalé Editworks, The Mix Room – BC
Alberta – FAVA and 3D ReDedined – Edmonton; Propeller Studios Inc. – Calgary
Saskatchewan –Java Post Production, Taking Dog Studios, – SK
Manitoba–Farpoint Films Inc., White Ink Digital Post, Channels Audio & Post Production Inc.–MB Ontario – Urban Post Production – ON
New Brunswick – Insurmountable Sounds and CinemaTick – NB
Nova Scotia – The Postman Post-Production Studio – NS

Other Service Provider Sponsors:
Grip and Lighting Equipment –William F. White International Inc.(in jurisdictions where possible) Insurance – Front Row Insurance
Script Clearance – The Rights Company
Legal – Brenda Blake LL.B.
Trailer Consulting & Marketing Materials Consulting – Agency 71 Inc. Indiecan10K Website – Matthew Therrien

Contact or further information: [email protected]

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INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT is a Canadian distribution company that services not just up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers, but also those indies making films in a lower budget bracket who have otherwise virtually no chance to shine in a market of big studios, distributors and exhibitors.

“Seeing Canadian films should become a regular occurrence and not a one-time event. We need to not only support Canadian production but also encourage the viewing of Canadian films by Canadian audiences. We owe it to our industry, our culture and our country.” — Avi Federgreen